Hey Busy Lady!


I see you…

I see you being a mom, an employee, a wife, and a friend, and on the outside you seem like have it all together, but on the inside you feel blah, and the only thing that helps you feel not so blah is food.

You are: 

  • Constantly on a diet 

  • Fine until you feel stressed, depressed, upset, or feeling lonely, then comfort food is by your side putting you in a foggy cloud

  • Feeling like you can’t ever win, no matter how hard you try

  • So sad with your body right now

  • You feel like you are lacking some kind of emotional nourishment causing you to turn to food to cope

And I see you because I know you…

And I know you because I WAS you.

I’m Pam.

And for the last 27 years, I have been an emotional and binge eater turning to food to hide my emotions

I would try diet after diet thinking that if I was skinnier, I would be happier

I tried workout programs thinking that if i could just lose the weight I would like who I was.



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Working with Pam has been an absolute delight. While I thought I knew a lot of the nuts and bolts about nutrition and fitness, Pam provided some new tools for me. Some of those tools really helped me become a lot more mindful about my food habits, which were sabotaging my weight loss efforts, especially the mindless snacking that often catches me off guard. With her help, I've been able to cut it out without feeling deprived. What makes Pam different from other health coaches that focus purely on diet and exercise, is that she goes beyond this and provides other holistic techniques that altogether add up to a more balanced and easy approach to feeling great in my body and more energized each day!

-Pauline Cheung, Business Coach

I was so embarrassed because…

I got to a point where I didn’t like my body. I would try every diet and workout program I could only to be worse off. Feeling ashamed of who I was, and stuck with my head held down every time I ate or skipped a workout.

I became lost…

I didn’t have any direction in my life and was turning to food to hide

I was lacking confidence in myself and felt all alone in life

I was stuck in a vicious dieting cycle and didn’t know how to get out of it

And worst of all, I would just have my own pity parties keeping myself in my own funk

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Pam is an incredible coach who will lovingly stretch you and inspire you to step into your greatness. Her passion for coaching and for healthy living are contagious. Pam has a wealth of knowledge and her coaching has guided me out of my blind spots, removing obstacles and opening up the path to my success. She has been so supportive each step of the way. I am so grateful to have her help me cross the river with simple, actionable steps, doing the river dance of success together on the other side. Thank you, Pam, for holding space for the healthiest, successful version of me.

-Nicole Nalani, Wholistic Coach

You keep telling yourself the same story that there has to be a way to

Be free and in control so…

  • Your self esteem and confidence can stop suffering

  • You can stop feeling so desperate to make a change

  • You can stop making food your only constant in your life

  • You can stop feeling like crap, exhausted, and stressed to where you put yourself on the back burner. 

  • You can end the battle with food

I became obsessed about I how look, and it was on my mind nonstop that…

  • I wasn’t thin enough

  • I wasn’t pretty enough

  • I couldn’t stop hiding in my body

  • I wasn’t deserving of love or success

I knew there had to be a way 

  • I was sick and tired of being depressed about my body and my the way I was treating myself

  • I got sick of feeling guilty after I would sit in front of the tv gorging on my favorite junk foods

  • I got sick of punishing myself for splurging at a birthday celebration

  • I got sick of being out of control when I was eating like a bottomless pit after a hard day at work

  • I got sick of eating my feelings, and being miserable all the time

So, I decided to take a different approach, stop dieting, and get in control

Learned which foods energize me rather then suck my energy dry

Learned the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger

Do activities that excite me rather than drain me

Get in tune with my emotions rather than eating my emotions

Able to move forward in my life rather than have my weight hold me back

Now I’m on a mission to help other women break free from emotional eating.

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Before working with Pam, I was struggling with health issues, weight issues, and emotional issues. I met Pam through another group that we were in together, and just loved how uplifting she was. Once I started working with Pam, and she taught me some mindful exercises, I learned that I need to appreciate myself more, love myself more, and she was able to teach me how to work through those issues. As a result of working with Pam, I started snack prepping which also helped my children to snack prep, they are younger and because of snack prepping they are now eating raw peppers and love it. They now grab a snack instead of asking for a bag of chips, they are eating vegetables like raw carrots and peppers. Now when I get upset or sad, I know what to do instead of turning to food because of Pam, and be a better mom to my kids. I have become stronger and exercise more because of Pam.

-Minet Williamson

 So busy lady…

It’s your time to F.L.Y. (Finally Love Yourself) and:

  • Stop hiding and unleash the incredible person you have within you

  • Stop letting food control and dictate who you don’t want to be

  • Manage your emotions so you can succeed in life, and be the true person you are meant to be.

  • Stop hiding in a body that makes you sad

  • Get unstuck and out of the vicious diet cycle

  • Put yourself first

  • Get in a healthy relationship with yourself and food


But wait, I know…

You are also

  • Afraid that you are going to fall back into the same old habits

  • Feel like you are going to lose who you are and become someone you don’t like

  • Secretly wanting to stay where you are because it is comfortable. 

  • Scared that it won’t work for you

  • Scared that since food has been your only constant that you won’t know what to do

  • Frustrated, because no matter how hard you try, you still can’t lose the weight

That’s why I’m here to help.

I’m here to develop a plan that will work for you, recognize exactly what is stopping you and standing in your way, change out your habits so you can put new habits in place and change your body story. Together we’ll create a body breakthrough plan that is totally in line with how you want to feel, and what works for you so can you can finally have the breakthrough that you have been desiring and stay on your track with your new plan.

And basically what we will do together is

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Address your fears, blocks, and your current beliefs so they can stop showing up again and again stopping you from success.

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Tackle your mindset, which is the most important thing to look at when you are going through a transformation. Once your mind is set up for success the eating right and working out easily fall into place. 

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We customize a plan that works for you, and not just have another diet or workout plan that doesn’t work or that you are resistant too. It will be aligned with your desires, and you’ll be able to have these to love your body.

So if you are just tired of feeling the same everyday and know there has to be a way, then get ready because this is what you’ll get…

  • A personalized in depth 1:1 coaching plan tailored to your lifestyle and your needs. 

  • 12 x weekly 45 minute 1:1 private coaching over the course of 3 months via ZOOM Conferencing

  • 12 Weekly Workbooks

  • All of sessions of recorded to keep with lifetime access 

  • Lifetime access to the Happy Confident You Program

Imagine where your life could be 3 months from now. Managing your emotions, ending the daily struggle, and feeling fulfilled without food. If you are ready to get out of your own way, and step into the true you, then I look forward to reading your application.