Get on Track was created for the woman who is a mom, wife, friend, daughter, and wants her body to look good, but just can’t seem to find that balance when it comes to life.

When was the last time you put yourself first?

If you’re like most busy women, you’re having a hard time remembering.

But if you landed on this page, I’m willing to bet you’re looking for a way to get on track, back to being YOU.

Remember when all you had to think about was your career, workouts, hanging out with friends, dining out, and whatever else you wanted to do on your terms?

You looked good and you felt good.

But now, everything’s different…

All your dreams have pretty much come true. You’re married to an amazing guy, you’ve got beautiful kids and a great house in an awesome neighborhood and basically, life is pretty sweet.

But the days of focusing on yourself have long since passed.

Your body had changed and not for the better. You look in the mirror now and you aren’t sure who’s looking back at you.

Shopping for clothes has started to become a real drag.

And then there’s how you feel…

You barely have the energy to get out of bed let alone through the day.

It’s taken a while, but you’ve decided it’s time for a change.

A workout program from home might be a great start. You need something quick and easy.

You’ve tried a few infomercial workouts, but they’re too long and life as a busy mom and wife keeps putting your exercise plan in the backseat.

It seems every workout you try gets sidetracked and you end up back at square one.

Joining a gym has crossed your mind, but deep down you know it’s not your thing.

This is where Get on Track to Your Amazing Body comes in, but this time you’ll be able to finish because I’ll be right there along your side supporting you every step of the way.

This program is for you if…

  • You’re a woman who wants to look in the mirror and be proud of yourself
  • You need that extra push so you don’t give up
  • You need someone to hold you accountable
  • You want to eat without counting calories
  • You’re tired of the never-ending battle with your scale
  • You’re completely frustrated because you can’t get through a workout on your own

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You aren’t willing to invest in yourself
  • You’d rather keep letting life get in the way
  • You think that what you are currently doing is working
  • You’re comfortable with making excuses for not being your best
  • You’ve decided to just settle with not feeling and looking amazing
  • You are already disciplined with your workouts and nutrition

What you need is support, encouragement and motivation…

Having a friend in your corner to help you out could make a world of difference.

Stop letting life get in the way.

Stop settling for that larger dress size.

Stop living a lifestyle that promotes low confidence and no energy to do the things you love.

Stop settling for second best.

Here’s the skinny…

Included in this program:

  • Step by Step amazing body action plan for 3 monthsWe will have your unique goals mapped out and a plan in place to reach them.
  • Personalized workout plan that fits in with you and your lifestyleNo need to spend hours at the gym or completely change your daily routine to get results.
  • A PartnerTo reach out to when you are about to stuff your face with an entire pizza, when you don’t feel like working out, or when you just need to vent that you got off track on your goals. I’ll be there to hold your hand, and steer you back on track.
  • Weekly 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessionWe’ll review what’s working, what’s not, and so we can freakin celebrate your small and large victories, and continue onto amazingness.
  • Unlimited supportYou can know which foods or workouts are working for you.
  • Customized grocery listsYou can take with you when you go grocery shopping. You will know exactly what to buy.
  • Private Facebook GroupYou can chat with other women who are just as committed to looking and feeling amazing as you!
  • ScheduleIt works for you, so you know what to do, and when to do it.

By the end of the 3 months…

You will have:

  • Clarity of Your Ideal SelfYou don’t have to keep wishing about the body you want.
  • More EnergyTo be at the top of your game at work, at home, and with your loved ones.
  • Expert GuidanceLearn how food works for you, and not against you.
  • Balanced NutritionStop giving into unhealthy cravings and discover your new healthy lifestyle.
  • Support and AccountabilityYou won’t have to do it alone.
  • Peace of MindNo guesswork in what workout to do next to get the most bang for your buck.
  • CelebrationOf who you are and who you’ve become.
  • Self-ConfidenceKnow what motivated you, and reasurrance of who you have become

So, if you’re ready to get back on track, and focus on you, then let’s workout together.

Here’s how the Get Back on Track to Your Amazing Body 1:1 works:

This is what you need to do now
1. Fill out the complimentary session questionnaire here.
2. Within 24-48 hours, I will contact you to chat to make sure that the program is right for you, and get all your questions answered.
*This call does not obligate you to the program.

Are you ready to Get on Track?