How to eat your cupcake and be skinny too

Diets. I don’t know many people that get excited about them, so if you are one of those people reading this that do, I totally commend you. I know for a fact that I am not one of those people.

I have followed quite a few diets that have required me to eat certain foods or a certain number of calories to lose the desired 5 lbs or 10 lbs that I wanted to at the moment.

I remember one diet that was supposed to be 3 days long, and at the end of the 3 days it stated I could lose up to 10lbs. I looked at the menu, and thought to myself I could totally do this. It helped that my husband did it along with me, so I could be more committed.

The menu included toast, grapefruit, vegetables, ice cream, and a few other items. I saw ice cream, and was like sweet, this is so in the bag. I got this.

The results?

I didn’t lose the amount of weight that I thought I could. I don’t even think that I lost as much as I thought I could. My husband lost about 2 lbs.

I felt like I was depriving my body of nutrients or something, because I was all shaky, and just not right.

Afterwards, I felt like I ate everything in sight. So, I totally gorged which defeated the whole purpose of going on the diet to begin with.

That was just one of the times that I decided that I want to diet. Either to prove to myself that I could go through it or to see if I could really lose the amount of weight that I so desired.

I just know now that I am not a diet kind of person. Plus I really enjoy food. Tasting different types of food. Learning about new foods. The whole ordeal. If it’s good food, then I want to eat it more often.

The thing that worked for me was learning about my body. I learned which foods I ate made me feel like the fat kid. I learned what I wanted my max weight to be. I learned how to balance my healthy food choices while still being able to enjoy my junk food choices. I learned about eating certain portions, and when to stop when I felt full.

It was a process that wasn’t overnight, but I’m glad to say now that I can have my cupcake and be skinny too.

Sometimes if you want a certain end result like me wanting to lose 5 or 10lbs, it takes a different route to get there.  I do have to say it starts with you, and wanting to figure that out instead of hopping on the next diet because some other person lost a ton of lbs doing it. Know what works for you so you can figure out your happy medium.

Your turn, tell me about some of the diets that you have tried.

How to look in the mirror and smile at your body

The mirror can be an evil thing or it can be a great thing for your body. Does your mirror tell you that you look fat? Or does it tell you that you look freaking amazing you gorgeous girl? Hopefully the latter one because then it is a more fun how you see yourself, and also how others will see you.

Not necessarily in an arrogant kind of way, but in a I feel good and confident about myself kind of way.

I can remember a time when every time I would look at myself in a mirror, or passing by one, the first thoughts were, oh my gosh I’m so gross. I feel gross today. I had a candy bar, and now I’m going to have to work out forever now just to burn those extra calories that I shouldn’t have had to begin with. I want to have my candy bar, and my amazing body too. So, I started with the thoughts rolling through my head as a place to start.

Next time you are standing there looking at yourself, and saying that I’m fat, well just think that is how you are going to be and feel because the mirror is only responding to your requests. You are going to get what you asked for.  So, all those times that you took a look at yourself, and said I’m fat, it’s the universe saying okay you are fat. That is your whole mind thing trying to play tricks on you, but you are smarter than that. You got your own tricks up your sleeve.

What if you turned things around, and the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, you said

I’m looking good today.

You are gorgeous.

Those jeans look great on you.

Go ahead girl, work it.

I feel amazing today.

Do you think you are going to get what you ask for? Maybe. Maybe not. Wouldn’t it be worth trying? I would say so even if at that moment you don’t totally agree with what you are saying. After all, think how many times you said I feel ugly or something doesn’t look good on me. It’s a great first step in shifting your mind.

Make affirmations work for you by giving them a try. When you are going through your day, try to make it a game to turn those negative thoughts around. Like when you are thinking, I’m never going to lose weight. How would you turn that statement around? Start to find other things that you say about yourself to give your own self a boost of confidence. If you don’t do it to yourself, how can you expect others to give you compliments and good words that you want to hear.